Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder
Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder

Intel CarPC

E3iO Computers is the only high gamma CarPC builder in the market.

We design and build CarPCs for clients who require more than an Android Device in their vehicle. Our CarPCs utilize a computer OS like a desktop PC or laptop.

E3iO uses components very different from those used in the Android device, we are and an alternative to customers that require professional devices in their personal or commercial vehicles.

Our builds use X86 processors that have the capacity to run multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and any other X86 compatible OS.

Our CarPCs are custom made for each client, and are built on demand. We can service orders from one or more CarPC devices in the case of orders for commercial vehicle fleets.

We offer various systems with different purposes, for personal vehicles, recreational, and commercial purposes.

You can select three system sizes to fit it to your dashboard space limitations: in-dash cases with two depth options, and out-dash cases where only your screen will be on the dash while the processing unit is in an external case.
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2DIN Intel CarPC+


NEW MODEL - Intel CarPC+ Mini-ITX

Windows CarPC+ Mini ITX

CarPC RVs and Trucks


NEW MODEL - Intel CarPC for RVs and Trucks

Windows CarPC Mini ITX

2DIN Intel CarPC+ SE


NEW MODEL 2DIN Intel CarPC+ Small Edition

CarPC Plus Small Edition

Microbox INTEL+ CarPC


NEW MODEL - Hideaway Unit Intel CarPC

Windows CarPC Mini ITX

CarPC Tuning

$1,699.99 $1,685.99

NEW MODEL 2DIN Intel CarPC+ Small Edition

CarPC Plus Small Edition

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