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About the Web Site

E3iO is a registered trademark and division of Santa Rita Investment Inc. E3iO Computers sells its custom computer in, & The use of this site including systems purchases, service and consultation are governed by policies and sales conditions of E3iO Computers. The customer who buy our systems, accessories or parts, users registered on our website, and people who want to use, any customer when purchasing or using our site is accepting the binding agreement with E3iO Computers, so please read carefully these Terms and Conditions. E3iO Computers may use the information provided below against you:
  • By using our site the customer agrees that the information, product images and trademarks used by E3iO Computers are trademarks of their respective manufacturers and owners.
  • Users of this site are authorized to copy or print material published on it exclusively for personal use only. Copies or prints must include the E3iO Computers copyright and may not be modified. Trademarks used by E3iO Computers must include the copyright of their manufacturers and owners.
  • You will not create mirror versions of this site.
  • The copy, print or transfer licensed material on this site may not be construed as granting a license of any kind under intellectual property (copyright), or trademarks owned by E3iO Computers
  • Users of this site may send comments, questions, suggestions or ideas about our site and agree that the information submitted is not considered confidential, not to be kept secret and not generate an obligation to answer by E3iO Computers. E3iO Computers will have free use of the information received from users, including but not limited to: apply to the development, manufacture and marketing of their products, may reproduce, disclose and distribute to others without limitation.
  • E3iO Computers is not responsible for the sanctity of data transmitted over public telecommunications networks or malfunctions by viruses or other causes affecting the site.
  • This site was created thinking about the potential E3iO Computers customers and reserves the right to modify the information contained on this site, and the conditions of access and use. Also the site may contain information provided by third parties. E3iO Computers is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the site content, in no instance will E3iO Computers involve, advise, or create an offer or contract to create rights or obligations by E3iO Computers and site users. The verification of the information accuracy obtained from the site is the sole responsibility of the users, who take on all risks associated with its use.
  • Links on this site to other websites are provided solely for convenience or user's convenience. By activating a link, you leave this site. E3iO Computers has no control power over third party sites and accepts no responsibility for their content and use.
  • Users of this site should not introduce into the site or email or otherwise transmit any information contrary to law or to the detriment of others.
About E3iO Computers Systems Configuration and Purchase
  • All E3iO Computers products such as CarPCs, custom computers, accessories and computers parts are sold through our site
  • E3iO Computers reserves the right to update your product images and information of the systems shown on our site, as well as modify prices, add names of new models and add components in the systems customization without prior notice.
  • The website is intended for the public and can be navigated without problems for anyone just in time to complete a purchase of a custom computer or other system, the customer must register on our system for more reliability in the process.
  • By registering, you must provide your personal data. This means that you must have a valid email address, updated credit card data and shipping info. E3iO Computers may in some cases corroborate this information with the Customer.
  • When the customer is customizing their E3iO custom computer system they should know that the components, configurations, prices and other information on this site may not be current while making a purchase. You should be alert to checkout time of each and every one of the components in your shopping cart. E3iO Computers will be only responsible for the system and components in the invoice.
  • If the customer has questions about our computer products, configurations, or any inconvenience with our site, send us an email through our contact section or in our support section through the Live Chat before finalizing your purchase and thus solve any problem before you enter an order in our system.
  • is protected by an encryption system of 128 bits by a certificate generated by GeoTrust, Inc. This ensures that any information you transmit through our site, cannot be monitored or captured by others intending to be used for other purposes.
  • The customer must accept the Terms and Conditions to complete the purchase process. If the customer does not agree with our Terms and Conditions, please do not use our website or our services. The customer, after accepting the contract with E3iO Computers, may not cancel the order without receiving a penalty of 30% of your bill amount unless indicated otherwise by E3iO Computers.
  • E3iO ships Custom Computers to the U.S. and Canada generally without requiring proof of identity. For international shipments outside the United States and Canada, E3iO Computers may require copies of identity documents and copies of both sides of the credit card used, if this is the case.
  • Orders received before 1:00 pm Eastern U.S., according to the quantity of orders, will be processed the same business day and may change the order from "Pending" to "Processing" (For more information read Order Status section)
  • E3iO Computers reserves the right for our specialists to analyze your information and decide to accept or reject the order for any reason.
  • All sales of CarPCs or any custom computer are finals without exception. This means the customer may not return the system by dissatisfaction, unless the system is damaged, broke or has a failure. In this case, we will replace the damaged component or the system will be replaced completely, but we will not return the money until E3iO determines the cause of the problem.
  • If customer decides to take legal action against E3iO, E3iO is governed by the laws of the State of Florida in Palm Beach County
About Order Status
There are 4 possible statuses for an order:

Pending: This status is reflected in your order when payment has not been processed

Processing: We have accepted your payment and your order is in process. E3iO Begins the construction of your system if it is the case and will reflects any special information relating to your build process in the Notes section of your Order.

Completed:This status indicates your system has successfully passed the test runs, all stages of manufacturinge and packaging, and also indicates the system came out of our warehouse and is heading to its destination.

Cancelled: Indicates that the order has been canceled for any reason.

Notes: E3iO makes updates about system construction and reflects any special information relating to your purchase in the Notes section of your order.