Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder
Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder

About Us

Firmo Lopez E3iO Founder Hi, I'm Firmo Lopez, I am the owner and founder of E3iO Computers. I have a degree in systems engineer and software architect with more than 20 years of experience, I have seen the evolution of computer technology since literally its beginnings and I can assure you that all the experience and knowledge that I have acquired in these years are now at Service to you, we can practically make any kind of computer, big or small, with the specifications that you require.

E3iO has evolved, initially we focused on making high-performance gaming computers and desktop computers.
As time passed we decided to venture into the manufacture of small computers to install inside personal or commercial vehicles, for multiple purposes.
We have perfected the art of building these small devices that are currently the most powerful available in the market.

Currently we are the most outstanding CarPCs builder in the world, we even build custom computers, for games, home or work, we also build home theater PCs and high performance graphics workstations.

E3iO Computer has 5 years of foundation as a division of Santa Rita Investments Inc. company dedicated to software development.
We have come a long way and gained a lot of experience in our business, we are ready for new challenges every day, we are not afraid of the innovation or the new technologies, we are addicted to it.

Let us demonstrate our capabilities and join the elite of our customers, who currently enjoy their unique systems.
Just let us know about your project and we will put an E3iO custom computer on your way.