Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder
Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder

Custom PC

E3iO Computers is a PC builder with great experience in the creation and integration of high performance systems.

We distinguish ourselves through our impeccable custom PC building.

We treat our duty more than just placing pieces into a case. We add personality and exclusivity to each creation converging into perfect harmony the components, performance, and style like a work of art.

You might think that purchasing a pre-built PC would be more inexpensive. This is more apparent when comparing capacity, RAM, hard disk space, or processor speed. In this case, it would appear a pre-built PC would be cheaper.
The mistake is that you cannot compare a Pre-built PC with an E3iO custom PC in terms of components, because no Pre-built PC will use the same components or motherboard that we use, for the simple and clear reason that, if they do, obviously would be much more expensive and unprofitable for the manufacturer. The components used in a pre-built PC are typically fabricated solely for the specific PC from that manufacturer.

According to the purpose of your PC, you can choose between a Desktop PC, Gaming PC, HTPC (Home Theater PC) or a Workstation.

You only need to fill an application for a quote, even if you do not know the brands, models, or types of parts. You only need to answer a few basic questions with which we can work with to offer you a coherent proposition for the construction of your dream computer.


The advantages of acquiring a Custom E3iO PC Vs. Pre-Built PC from a typical store.
Pre-built PC E3iO Custom PC
No quality, performance, or component control. Totally personalize allowing with individual component control. Choose components based on quality, performance, and guarantees of each.
Manufacturer controls brand, and type of each component, usually cheaper parts. You choose brand and model of each component, or allow an E3iO recommendation if you’re unfamiliar with any parts.
Mass produced. Exclusive production according to your requirements.
Limited updates. Use parts according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Prefer new purchases over changing parts. You can update any part. All parts are standard and consistent with what is available in the market.
Guarantees require you to send the entire system back. Different from other PC builders, E3iO offers one year guarantee for parts and labor. There is no need to deal directly with the manufacturer of the damaged part. We cover the guarantee. If you are aware of the damaged component, you can send it independently and we’ll repair or replace it.
Software trial pre-installed E3iO does not install any program the client does not request. You will have a completely new computer without any obnoxious applications.
Standard design You select from a unique style. Choose from an infinite like selection of colors, materials to create your style.
Limited number of expansion ports.
Usually a manufacturer of Pre-built PC, will not add many PCI or PCI Express expansion ports, only the minimum necessary to meet the configurations offered with that particular Motherboard.
Instead of limiting expansion ports PCI or PCI Express to the minimum. Our offered motherboards can have several additional expansion ports for adding graphic cards and/or audio cards.
Limited SATA connections.
A Pre-built PC will only offer a limited number of SATA ports for additional disks or RAID disks. Probably not more than 4 ports.
Instead of limited SATA ports for RAID or additional disks. We use motherboards with an average of 6 SATA ports and we give the option for RAID disks.
Limited power supply.
The pre-built PC power supplies are strictly designed to meet the power requirement of the computer, no more, no less.
We choose the power supplies for future system expansions in mind. In addition, we add more connectors so you can connect more accessories to your system, such as optical drives, disks, graphics cards, cooling systems, lights and more.
BIOS exclusive to the manufacturer. Our motherboards use the latest BIOS technology in the market. You can not only update your BIOS online, but also make your motherboard use new technology previously unavailable during the purchase of your custom PC. Additionally, this updates, allow you add new processors or memories with new technologies or specifications and offer you the option of improving performance by applying certain types of hardware acceleration such as Turbo or Overclocking.
This isn’t offered by any pre-built PCs.
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