Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder
Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder

You can update the E3IO CarPC operating system with any choice between Windows, Linux, or Android X86. Most of our models allow memory RAM, Disk, and processor upgrades.
You will have access to indefinite amounts of accessories through the USB ports, such as keyboards, remote controls, GPS devices, external discs, OBD-II, printers, web cameras, and any other USB devices on the market.

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You can have the quality of a sound booth in your vehicle. You can connect the CarPC to your vehicle using an OBD-II and receive real time data on your vehicle's performance. If you have an RV, you can connect a camera to your vehicle to observe your trailer. You can use a GPS to configure a route to your destination, receive traffic data, weather information, and other news.

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Multiple Choices

You can choose a standard Double DIN CarPC to install in your dashboard, or an off dashboard CarPC to place in your trunk or other possible locations.
We offer two levels of configuration, standard or plus. We also offer configuration combos with accessories and software designed for different applications. It can range from trucks, to RV's, to vehicle tuning, to even boats.

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Featured products


$285.00 $189.99

2DIN Android 9.0 TA708IPL

FREE UPS Ground Shipping [U.S. Lower 48 ONLY]
7"Android 9.0 Quad Core 16GB ROM + 2G RAM car stereo multimedia navigation system with Full RCA Output Supports Car Auto


$1,168.99 $1,208.99

NEW MODEL - Intel CarPC Mini-ITX


  • Internal Audio Amplifier
  • Backup Camera
  • GPS Receiver
  • USB 3.0 Hub
  • Windows 10 PRO
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“ E3iO is a boutique PC builder that specializes in cutting-edge Gaming Rigs and benchmark busters.

One of the E3iO’s newest, most intriguing options is a Car PC...”

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