Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder
Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder


1.- Where I can buy an E3iO Car Pc?
2.- How may I know if the E3iO Car PC can fit in my car?
3.- What is included with the purchase of my Car PC?
4.- Do I need internet connection to use my E3iO Car PC?
5.- The touchscreens is resistive or capacitive?
6.- Do you offer a Tilt Screen?
7.- My E3iO Car PC has built in a Rear Camera Input?
8.- The E3iO Car PC is compatible with my factory steering wheel control?
9.- Do you offer a car diagnostics application?
10.- Does it work the Car PC Navigation in my country?
11.- Do you ship internationally?
12.- Do you offer HVAC controls?
13.- My E3iO Car PC has built in Centrafuse?
14.- Do you sell Kit for 2DIN aftermarket radios?
15.- How should I connect the Car PC to my Car?
16.- Do you have a full spec I/O list for CarPC?
17.- How do I install the OS?
18.- I don't have space for a car pc on my dashboard, can you build me a Custom Car PC?
19.- Why E3iO takes 2-3 weeks to build my Car PC?
20.- Do you offer a Car PC version based on Android OS?
21.- May I order a Car PC Barebone?
22.- Can I apply to be a reseller or distributor?