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HD Radio™ tuner with USB PC Interface Cable Included

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DMHD-1000 Directed HD Radio with Interface Cable

The Directed HD AM/FM tuner is possibly the best tuner AM/FM tuner you can add to your CarPC for several reasons.
  • The unit is not only a HD tuner but it will also pickup traditional AM and FM signals.
  • Because you control the tuning of the stations through Centrafuse or Roadrunner you can use it in virtually any country.
  • The tuner connects directly to your factory antenna (standard Motorola connector) for superior reception.
  • The unit is completely external and can be mounted in a convent location.
  • The connections to the CarPC are simple. All you need is a USB port and Line Input.  Please note you need to use Mitch's HD Tuner Interface cable which is included with the tuner.
  • HD radio sounds better then traditional broadcast signals. The sound quality of HD stations means that AM stations sound like regular FM stations, and HDFM sounds like a CD.
  • The USB HD Radio interface cable is included and is the updated version of MJS Gadgets COM port based cable.
  • Now there is no more fussing with USB to RS232 adapters!  Simply plug one end of the cable into your HD Radio tuner.
  • The audio is is as simple as plugging one end of the included audio cable into your tuner and the other end to your PC line input.
  • You will then be able to control your radio through Centrafuse or Ride Runner.
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