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Steering Wheel Control PC Interface

Estimated Processing or Construction Time: 3-5 days

Steering Wheel Control - PC Interface

Want to control your Car Pc from your existing factory steering wheel controls? Now you can. The Joycon Exr converts resistance-output steering wheel remote controllers into a USB HID keyboard and HID remote controller.

  • Converts resistance-output steering wheel remote controller into USB HID keyboard and HID remote controller.
  • Works same as standard USB HID keyboard and HID remote controller by hardware.
  • 24V tolerant 4 channel resistance input.
  • Supports 28 physical buttons, 52 programmable logical buttons.
  • 2 logical button for one physical button, up to 5 simultaneous key strokes by one button.
  • 2 programmable LED port.
  • Remote wake-up(resume PC from sleep with steering wheel remote controller).
  • Temperature range : -40 ~ +85°C
  • JoyCon Explorer aided feature
  • Preset change by Preset up and down buttons.
  • Speech and OSD when preset is changed.
  • Application link(application launches and popup with preset changing).
  • Speech when application launches and a button is pressed.
  • Online firmware update.
  • No external power or driver installation needs.
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