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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 4:12:22 PM

E3iO 2DIN Car PC (Custom Computer for Your Car )

5 years ago
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Can you guys install the BYBYTE screen frame (pictured above in photo #1) if the newer screen will not fit my dash kit?  I'm using the 2010 Camaro Scosche kit and I do not believe that the 7" screen with buttons and USB port will fit.  The CarPC has to be mounted in the dash first and then the Scosche kit simply snaps into place.  I'm afraid that the bottom portion of the 7" USB screen will not clear the bottom lip of the Scosche kit due to the HVAC touch screen housing. I know that the BYBYTE frame can sit behind the dash kit with no problems as I currently have an older BYBYTE Blackbox build and BYBYTE LCD frame.  I like your design and would rather have a profesionally bulit system.

5 years ago
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No problem, just place in the special instructions in your order that you want to replace the standard frame, by BYBYTE frame.
But remember that the BYBYTE frame has only a mini USB and does not have any buttons.

We can do this change....!
5 years ago
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Does the microphone built into the screen bezel work for CarPC and Centrafuse or do you guys provide an external microphone?
5 years ago
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Hi Novak,

We provide an external microphone.

Best Regards!
5 years ago
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mochanic. i am unaffiliated with e3io, and honestly.. the board/cpu combo you linked to is actually less powerful, than what they are currently offering.  the cpu you listed is pretty low end.   they are offering a intel i7- 3770 8 core cpu.
intel is better for this type of computer, as the current gen intel processors create less heat and are capable of withstanding hotter temperatures.
5 years ago
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Well I'm sure that 8 MONTHS later there is a better combo out!
5 years ago
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Dear aidynphoenix, thanks for joining us in our forum...

I need to write regarding your concern about CPUs and Mobo, and I would like to clarify a few things regarding our Car PCs: This is a PC that does not require high power hardware to work, like a gaming computer. We use Low-Power consumption processors, but this does not mean that this CPU are low-end, besides I want to add that there not to many companies in the market offer Car PC even with Pentium processors, they provide only Atom processors as their best weapon (This really would be a low-end processor for Car PC applications and to support Windows 8.1)

If you refer to the Intel Core i7-3770 processor, it is not a 8-core processor, this is a 4-core processor, right is 3rd generation CPU but that does not mean that it's a low-end processor. There are many customers who still prefer this platform and Ivy-bridge micro-architecture.

If you want the latest generation of processors for your Car PC, we can offer the new 4th-generation of Intel Core processors (Haswell) you can go to the following link in our store where you can get it the Car PC GEN4 supports the latest generation of Haswell processors designed for high performance but with Low-Power consumption because the Car PC it is not a Gaming Desktop computer, so this kind of processors avoid overheat inside the unit but not limiting the system performance.

Best Regards...!
5 years ago
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i think you misunderstood my comment.    i was stating that the FM2 processor that was mentioned previously was a low end cpu.. not the 3770.. actually the 3770 ranks among the best performing processors available.
i stand corrected about the 8 cores. i actually have a 3770k in my desktop gaming rig, the windows gadget i am using, in addition to the task manager performance graph shows 8 bar graphs. i guess that with hyperthreading and 8 threads it thinks i have 8 cores. :D  
5 years ago
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99% of the people who want a carputer DO NOT need a $300 processor!  The cpu that I mentioned 8 months ago is slightly out dated, but not by much, and it's only $49.99!!!  Plus it will work for just about any application I can think of in an automotive environment.  The remaining $250 that you save by going this route will build the entire rest of the computer and still have enough left to go eat a nice dinner...
Nobody will ever convince me that you need a $300 CPU in a desktop computer, much less a carputer!
(mochanic = computer guru with 18yrs experience building computers, and a 14yr old computer science degree... been there done that, with every imaginable computer combo you would ever dream up)
5 years ago
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i am not suggesting that the 3770 is ideal for this. in fact i would be concerned about the wattage usage of it inside such a small enclosure.  also the price everywhere for the 3770s should be dropping soon. its actually come down below $300. at a few retailers already.