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Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder

Warranty Info

E3iO guarantees to repair or replace parts (hardware) of its customers in case of manufacturing defects, or malfunction during the warranty period set in the customer bill, excluding software, if the customer decides to return the system for defects or problems with the hardware. E3iO gives you 30 days to return your system without any shipping cost. E3iO collects the systems from home, but you should first contact our specialists who will explain the steps for the shipping company to return your system to our warehouse. (IMPORTANT: DO NOT RETURN THE SYSTEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WITHOUT PRIOR CONSULTATION WITH OUR SPECIALISTS) At our facility the system will be reviewed by experts, E3iO confirms part numbers and tests the system. If the engineers find a hardware problem, the damaged component will be replaced, or if necessary, replaced the entire system. E3iO will return the system completely stable, with free shipping.

The product automatically loses its warranty if damaged during shipping (excluding the shipping of purchase), any damage caused by impact, power failures, any natural disasters, unauthorized modifications, management components improperly used by the customer, improper maintenance, shock, spill of any liquid or fluids (Including spills of fluid through the liquid cooling system) misuse or anything E3iO identifies as abuse that caused the damage to your hardware.

E3iO gives life-long customer support, with a 1 year limited warranty to replace any defective parts, such as the additional accessories that are on your order, keyboards, mousses, speakers, monitors and accessories for gaming, will be included automatically in the period of the 1 year warranty can be replaced if there were manufacturing defects.

E3iO can use similar products to replace hardware if the first product mentioned is out of stock. For example: If a Western Digital 1TB HDD be replaced by warranty and is out of stock, E3iO replaces it with a similar or better Hard Drive Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, among others, the same capacity at no additional cost. If you require us to replace the component with the same component, and when generating your RMA, you must wait until E3iO enters the product back in stock.

E3iO may revise these terms of warranty at any time by updating this posting without notice. You should visit this page periodically to review the-current terms because they are binding on you, and any use of this site constitutes acceptance of the terms contained in this document. Certain provisions of these Terms may be superseded by expressly designated legal notices or terms located on particular pages at this site.