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Carputer with Capacitive Multi -Touchscreen - Double DIM Size
7” Touch Screen - Double DIN Size Touch Screen - Double DIM Size
One of the things that makes the E3iO Car PCs so special is the cleanest details with the final assembly. The Car PCs are made with a standard Double DIN size and features a resistive 7" Touch Screen that supports resolutions from 800x480 to 1920x1080. The display supports two RCA video inputs. Connect a rear camera to a proper RCA Video input, and you can get a rear view in your Car PC. the CarPC screen, automatically goes from VGA to Rear view when you put your car in reverse. We have 2 different Car PC size The Car PC V2 and the Car PC V2 SE. For more info about dimmensions and differences between Car PCs, please click here:
Car PC-V2 - Vs - Car PC V2-SE
(Click on the image for I/O Info)
(Click on the image for I/O Info)
E3iO Car PC Small Edition Rear I/O Panel E3iO Car PC V2 / GEN4 Rear I/O Panel
Metal Case
Unit Size: 4"x 7" x 6 3/4" (HxWxD)
Mini-ITX (3.5” Wide) Ultrathin Motherboard
Support Intel® Mobile Processors Socket PGA-988
Custom Rear Panel Made by E3iO
Metal Case
Unite Size: 4"x 7" x 8 1/4" (HxWxD)
Mini-ITX (Standard Size) Motherboard
Support Intel® Standard Desktop Processors
Custom Rear Panel Made by E3iO
Start it by Ignition Quick boot speed Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Amplifier
Start it by Ignition CarPC Quick Boot Speed CarPC Bluetooth 4.0 CarPC Audio Amplifier
Start your Car PC when your car does it in a securely way. The E3iO experts optimize your Car PC to turn on by ignition, also your Car PC enter in to hibernation when your turn off you Car.
E3iO integrates the latest technology in data storage, a SATA III (6 Gb/s) solid state drive. This technology provide a high boot speed, and high access speed to your favorite files, music, videos and images.
The Car PC system has integrated Bluetooth 4.0. Connect your smartphone to stream music, or make and receive hands-free calls. See all incoming or outgoing calls without touching your phone.
E3iO Car PC has built-in an outstanding Audio Amplifier designed to connect your car speakers. 4 stereo outputs x 50W per channel. Also every Car PC has built-in an unamplified audio output.
Rear Camera Input Programmable Buttons Customize Yours Digital Optical Output
E3iO Car PC rear camera Car PC Programmable buttons Car PC Custom Computer CarPC Digital Optical Output
E3iO CarPC has a 12V input for reverse light and the CarPC screen automatically switch from VGA to Video1, also you can change video inputs manually and gets rear view at any time.
E3iO's Car PC features programmable buttons on the front panel, customize it as you like, for example to bring up the Windows 8 home screen, close a window, switch apps, and raise or lower the volume.

E3iO can tailor the Car PC’s chassis to fit into your dashboard, our team will do everything possible to adjust big cases to fit in your dash, or place it elsewhere and install a separate screen.

E3iO select the best components for Car PCs the motherboards includes outstanding audio capabilities, offering a digital optical audio output to connect your own external audio amplifier.
CarPC More than Entretainment More than entertainment
The E3iO Car PC offer you a new world of entertainment, you can download from Windows 8 store a variety of Metro apps, and enjoy a new world of entertainment with your touch screen. Get your favorite Apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slacker Radio, Netflix and Much more on your Car PC. If you left your phone in your house or office use your Car PC to make a phone call trough Skype or Google Voice.

Listen to your favorite music, or watch your favorite videos and images on your Car PC from external USB device, ipod, or your Solid State Drive.

Play and record videos on your Car PC installing a usb camera. Install Headrest on your car and display what you passenger want to watch. Install a TV Turner and watch on air TV HD channels.
E3iO Car PC Features
E3iO Car PC Features
Steering Wheel Control (Optional) CoPilot Live Navigation (Optional) OBD-II Scan Tool USB Interface (Optional)
Steering Wheel Control Car PC Navigation Car PC OBD-II

Want to control your Car Pc from your existing factory steering wheel controls? Now you can. E3iO use the Joycon EX that converts resistance-output steering wheel remote controllers into a USB HID keyboard and HID remote controller.

E3iO use CoPilot Live as a Navigation option. Combine high-end navigation and powerful trip-planning features with turn-by-turn voice directions to transform your E3iO Car PC into an advanced GPS navigation system with CoPilot Live Navigation.

OBDLink SX will quickly and accurately diagnose engine problems and provide real-time engine data. Use your E3iO Car PC as a diagnostic system for your Car. OBDLink SX is the basic plug-and-play scan tool designed for the budget-minded do-it-yourself mechanic.
E3iO Car PC included components
1.- Where I can buy an E3iO Car Pc?
2.- How may I know if the E3iO Car PC can fit in my car?
3.- What is included with the purchase of my Car PC?
4.- Do I need internet connection to use my E3iO Car PC?
5.- Are your touchscreens resistive or capacitive?
6.- Do you offer a Tilt Screen?
7.- My E3iO Car PC has built in a Rear Camera Input?
8.- The E3iO Car PC is compatible with my factory steering wheel control?
9.- Do you offer a car diagnostics application?
10.- Does it work the Car PC Navigation in my country?
11.- Do you ship internationally?
12.- Do you offer HVAC controls?
13.- My E3iO Car PC has built in Centrafuse?
14.- Do you sell Kit for aftermarket radios 2DIN?
15.- How should I connect the Car PC to my Car?
16.- Do you have a full spec I/O list for Car PC?
17.- How do I install the OS?
18.- I don't have space for a car pc on my dashboard, can you build me a Custom Car PC?
19.- Why E3iO takes 2-3 weeks to build my Car PC?
20.- Do you offer a Car PC version based on Android OS?
21.- May I order a Car PC Barebone?
22.- Can I apply to be a reseller or distributor?
Please choose the Car PC that best meets your needs. Our Car PCs differ in their sizes, cpu microarchitectures and motherboards. E3iO is constantly working to incorporate better components and different options to build the best PC for your Car.

Starting at $999.00

2DIN Windows® CarPC A4

Windows 8 CarPC AMD Processor
  • Standard Double DIN Size 4"x7"x8 ¼"
  • AMD Quad-Core Processor
  • 7" Touch screen support 1920x1080
  • Audio Amplifier 50w x 4channel
  • GPS, FM Radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Radeon™ HD 8330 Graphics
  • Rear Camera in ready
  • Turn on/off by ignition
  • Support Windows® 8.1
Starting at $1,139.00

2DIN Windows® CarPC M-ITX Small Edition

Windows 8 CarPC Mini ITX V2 SE
  • Standard Double DIN 4"x 7"x 63/4"
  • New metal chassis (less deep than V2)
  • Support Intel® Core™ mobile CPUs
  • 7" Touch Screen support 1920x1080
  • Audio Amplifier 50w x 4channel
  • GPS, FM Radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Support Windows® 8.1
  • Rear Camera in ready
  • Turn on/off by ignition

Starting at $1,175.00


Windows 8 CarPC Mini ITX V2 GEN4
  • Standard Double DIN 4"x7"x8 ¼"
  • Support 4th GEN Intel® Core™ CPUs
  • 7" Touch screen support 1920x1080
  • Audio Amplifier 50w x 4channel
  • GPS, FM Radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Rear Camera in ready
  • Turn on/off by car ignition
  • Support Windows 8.1

Starting at $1,279.00

2DIN Carputer Mini-ITX V2 GEN4-PRO

Windows 8 Carputer Mini ITX V2 GEN4-PRO
  • Standard Double DIN 4"x7"x8 ¼"
  • New 4th GEN Intel® Core™ CPUs
  • 7" Capacitive Multi-TouchScreen
  • Audio Amplifier 50w x 4channel
  • GPS, FM Radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Steering wheel control
  • OBD-II Scan Tool
  • Microsoft® Windows 8.1

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