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  • Standard Double DIN Size
  • Mobile internet access
  • 6.2" or 7" Touch Panel
  • Windows based OS
  • Audio Amplifier 50W x 4CH
  • GPS and Navigation System
  • Rear camera ready
  • FM Radio or HD Radio
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
  • OBD-II Scan Tool
  • Steering Wheel Control (Optional)

Intel Core Inside Windows Car PC

CarPC with Windows 10

Snack Desktop PC
  • Powerful Mini ITX Tower
  • Extreme Motherboard
  • Slim Multi Slot Load Drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce® GTX Graphics Card
  • Customize your chassis color
  • Perfect wire management
  • Designed for more than home entertainment
  • Supports NVIDIA® 3D Vision™

Gamer PCs with Intel Chipset Z77

Nvidia GeForce GTX Gamer PCs

Scorpion Gaming Desktop
  • High-End Gaming PC
  • Micro ATX Motherboard
  • Electroluminescence Mod
  • Slim Multi Slot Load Drive
  • Intel® Core™ i3 /i5 / i7 CPU
  • Good Gaming Performance
  • GeForce® GTX Video Cards
  • Supports NVIDIA® SLI™
  • Elegant chassis modifications
  • Exotic Liquid Cooling Solution

Intel Core i7 Custom Gaming Computers

GeForce GTX Custom PCs
MAX 210 Gaming PC
  • High-End Gaming PC
  • Elegant Full Tower Chassis
  • Intel® Core™ i5 / i7 CPU
  • Up to 2 x GeForce® GTX TITAN
  • Up to 32GB (8 x 4GB) RAM
  • Up to 2 x SSD SATA III RAID 0 
  • 3 Tb HDD 7200 rpm
  • Exotic Liquid Cooling system
  • Individually sleeved cables 
  • Cathode lighting system

Intel Core i7 Custom Gaming Desktops

GeForce GTX Custom Computer
MAX 220 Gaming PC
  • High-End Gaming PC
  • Fully brushed Aluminum Tower
  • Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • Up to 64GB ( 8 x 8GB) RAM
  • Supports NVIDIA® SLI™
  • Up to 3 x GeForce® GTX TITAN
  • Up to 2 x SSD RAID 0
  • 2 x 3Tb HDD 7200 rpm
  • Designed for High end Liquid Cooling System
  • Individually sleeved cables

Extreme Core i7 Gaming Computer

GeForce GTX Gaming Desktops

MAX 230 Gaming PC
  • Ultra High-End Gaming PC
  • Elegant Full Tower
  • Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
  • Up to 64GB (8 x 8GB) RAM
  • Up to 3 x GeForce® GTX TITAN
  • Fully modular PSU
  • Ultimate 3D Gaming Performance
  • Dual Loop Exotic Lliquid Cooling Solution designed by E3iO
  • Individually sleeved cables

Intel Core i7 Custom Gaming PC

Gamer PCs with Nvidia GeForce GTX Video Card

Custom Gaming Computers with Design and Style

All of our custom gaming computers are designed with the best exterior and interior design that doesn’t sacrifice elegance and functionality. The modifications and customizations to our full tower case reflect the difference between the elegant E3iO Custom Computers and the rest of the market.

E3iO is committed to guaranteeing a new experience in the world of gamer PCs. With the evolving market, we want toensure that our custom computers are exhibited as the biggest prize of each user, who wants to show to the world the uniqueness of their E3iO custom computer.

Our designers spend countless hours making each gamer PC a piece of art -- a quality you won’t get from any other brand on the market. Our custom designs take into consideration even the smallest detail, showing the elegance and beauty of electronic equipment as if it were a modern piece of art, maintaining cleanliness and order. The impressive fusion of colors and shapes give our customers a new experience that no other gaming computer on the market can offer.

Gaming PC for Professional PC Gamers

E3iO has true professionals in the field of gamer PCs, and what makes us different is the fact that we specialize in high-end and ultra-high-end custom gaming computers. Our systems contain hardware with the latest technology, allowing our customers to enjoy a unique experience with their custom gaming desktop, whether the most basic or most extreme system we offer.

By industry standards, even our minimum configurations are considered supercomputers. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering the best for the best, starting with the processor Intel core i5 and above. We also include the latest generation in graphics accelerators that support multiple 3D displays for the ultimate gaming pc experience, and you can customize them to the highest level with Dual / Triple and Quad SLI. We also include custom air cooling and custom liquid cooling systems, ensuring stability in automatic overclocking settings and in the most manual overclocking settings. You can enjoy the experience of hardcore games in 3D and discover the true gaming pc experience with a professional system for gamers.

High Quality Gaming Desktop Components

E3iO uses high quality components for our custom gaming computers, guaranteeing our customers the best technology in their custom gamer PCs. All components, connectors, cooling systems, processors, memory, motherboards, hard drives, solid state drives, etc. are assembled by experts to create a high quality custom gaming desktop.

We use the best brands for parts and accessories on the market to offer our customers a final product that meets all the expectations of most demanding users of gamer PCs.

Be Part of the Elite E3iO Gamer PCs

When you buy one of our custom gaming computers you automatically become part of elite team -- a clan, or family of exclusive of E3iO custom computers users. You are considered part of the team, because your feedback helps us improve our systems, and lifetime support is offered for each customer. Join our elite team today and enjoy the extreme entertainment of our professional gamer PCs.

Each model in our Gaming PC series, is divided into three categories.

  • Advanced Gaming PC

    This is the basic category of our custom gaming computers.
    In this category, we focus on the basic configurations that every gamer should have on the desktop for a unique gaming experience.
    Includes high-end graphic solutions with NVIDIA Geforce GTX Video Cards for the most challenging 3D games, always leaving the option to update and improve your gamer PC.
  • Extreme Gaming PC

    This is the intermediate category of our custom gaming computers.
    In addition to including faster processors in this gaming PC, this category includes improvements in storage and boot options for greater capacity and more speed for better performance, stunning interior design with hand sleeved cabling, improved graphics accelerators, and optional professional custom cooling systems.
  • Ultimate Gaming PC

    This is the highest category of our custom gamer PCs.
    Configured with high quality components for a gaming PC and the most advanced options, along with factory unlocked processors for extreme overclocking.
    Includes Ultra High-End NVIDIA graphics cards in Triple SLI for multiple displays, the aesthetic design of our ultimate custom PCs with perfect cable cuts and sleeved with different colors. These also come with professional and elegant custom liquid cooling systems, water blocks, tubing, fittings, pumps and alighting system in total harmony with the design of our custom gaming PCs.

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