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E3iO introduces New Gaming Computers starting at $799

The Custom Computer market has become very diverse. There are always options for all tastes, from the systems on a tight budget with decent responsive performance for Gaming, to the more ambitious budgets able to exceed the limits. In this case we want to present our new Scorpion Gaming System Series, a Mid-Tower series supporting Micro-ATX platforms, with multiple customization options and the special touch of E3iO.

E3iO identifies the Scorpion Series with a Corsair 350D Case Modified, a black steel frame chassis, brushed aluminum front cover, two fully sealed panels, the option of placing a windowed panel if you want to see the inside of your Scorpion Gaming Computer, E3IO customized Scorpion Micro-ATX case, which includes a slot perfectly cut with CNC machines to adapt a Slim Multi Slot Load drive without changing the original design of the 350D chassis, offers an innovative electroluminescence system on the front cover called EL Wire, different EL Wire color options according to your taste, and you can combine it with the internal appearance of your Gaming PC.

The new Scorpion Series has multiple configuration options with different processor microarchitecture, like Sandy Bridge-E, Ivy Bridge, and Haswell the 4th Generation Intel Core Processors. Haswell processors provide up to 15% more incredibly responsive, secure, and powerful performance with much less power consumption than its predecessor the Ivy Bridge, it also highlights 3 different models of Micro-ATX Gaming platform with Intel H77, Intel X79 and the latest Gaming chipsets Intel Z87. This Motherboard supports up to 2 Graphics Cards in Dual / Quad SLI configurations, SSD storage options and RAID 0 configuration for Maximum Performance.

E3iO offers NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600/700 series as solutions for Scorpion Gaming Computers Graphics, with GeForce GTX 700 Series you can get up to 15% faster performance on your PC games on MAX settings. You can select from a GeForce GTX 650 1GB Video Card, up to the world's fastest graphics card the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN with 2-Way SLI. All this can kept cold with a variety of cooling solutions, plus E3iO offers to the most demanding users Exotic liquid cooling systems, you can combine to your liking with a variety of customization options such as the tubing color, the fluid color, lighting, and color of individually sleeved cables.

Most people may think that a Gaming System with these kind of features would cost a lot, but in this case, it is the contrary. The new Scorpion Series wants to show Big power in Medium size, with multiple customization options, Powerful processors, High-End Graphics Solutions, Exotic Cooling systems, innovative Case Designs at build it yourself price, but most Importantly, if you do not see what you want on the list, E3iO will build it for you.