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Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 12:39:18 PM

Bare enclosure purchase

4 years ago
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I am looking to create a car computer of my own, however I wish to make it myself with my own parts, etc.
I was wondering if I could purchase just the enclosure with the touch-screen, and front buttons?
How are the buttons connected? via front I/O pins on the motherboard, or via usb with some driver?
I read on another post that the reason I cannot purchase it this way is only because the system is integrated into the motherboard, or something like that. However my idea was to only use the screen and enclosure and do the rest myself.

I was thinking of buying my own pc, something like an ECS LIVA, which uses significantly less power, and utilising your enclosure / screen, as it is the best (1080p) one I have found. However


3 years ago
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There a bunch of place to get a case similar to theirs...