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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 4:35:09 PM

BMW E46 320CD 2006

4 years ago
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Hello, can anyone confirm that any of the carputers will fit in a e 46 bmw 320cd coupé? Would really like to buy one of these for my car, but I wanna be sure it can fit.
4 years ago
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The only thing you should know is the dimensions of your dashboard, make sure that your car has the right space for a 2DIN unit, and check if you have a deep space for a Car PC. Then please check the dimension of our Car PCs and select the best that suit your needs:

Car PC V2 GEN4 = 4” Height 7” Width 8 1/4" Depth
Car PC V2 SE = 4” Height 7” Width 6 3/4" Depth

Remember to consider space for cables, but if your car has available 9 1/2"deep to install a 2DIN Radio then you can go with GEN4, if not maybe you should go with Small Edition.

Best Regards...!