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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 3:52:59 PM

Buttons lights always on

5 years ago
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I wired the accesory wire to the 12v line so I could use the carpc while my car was off and also because i didnt want it powering up everytime i started the engine.

The problems is the buttons ligths and the screen will not shutdown after i power the pc off, what can i do? this will drain my battery!
4 years ago
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Hi dear customer,

Remember the Car PC is designed to turn on and off when the car does it, you can perform this manually but you have to connect it like we described in the instructions (+12V BATTERY, +12V IGNITION and GROUND) Connecting everything to a constant of 12V the effect in the Car PC is like always you have your car ignited, and the power supply is still receiving power, even if you power it off manually, the signal to the motherboard is to shut down the system but still receives and maintains 5V for USB as a power supply for a regular PC.

The button board is connected by USB that is why the lights of the front buttons still on. This may cause the battery drain but we don't know how long could be.

Best Regards...!