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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 4:32:51 PM

Powering my Car PC outside of the car

5 years ago
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Hey there,

I just received my e3io Car PC and I'm incredibly excited about it.

I was wondering if you have an accessory I can purchase or instructions I can use to create a power source for my Car PC outside of my car.

There is a lot of setup and testing I want to do before doing the install into the car, but I can't do this if I can't power the device outside of the car.

Any help or guidance?
5 years ago
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Hi chansearrington,

To tested the Car PC in a bench you must use almost a power supply like the Astron VS Series Linear Power Supplies VS-35M

Here the specifications:
Power Supply Type: Linear, Regulated
Power Supply Continuous Output:25A at 13.8 Vdc
Battery Backup: No
Power Supply Peak Output:35A at 13.8 Vdc
Power Supply Voltage Adjustment Control: Front panel
Power Supply Voltage Adjustment Range:2.0-15.0 Vdc
Power Supply Metering Type: Dual meters
Power Supply High Current Terminal Location: Rear panel
Power Supply Low Current Terminal Location: None
Power Supply Lighter Socket: No
Power Supply Cooling Type: Heat sink
Power Supply Width:11.000 in.
Power Supply Height:5.000 in.
Power Supply Depth:11.000 in.
Power Supply Weight:29.00 lbs.
Quantity: Sold individually.

If you have any further questions, please send us an email to our team will contact you with highest priority.

We are very attentive to your installation feel free to contact us at any time.

Best Regards...!
5 years ago
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This seemed like serious over kill to just power on the device.

Here's how I solved it.
4 years ago
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Was in the same boat, ended up using this:

Works great for $35.
4 years ago
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Also to make note, I do not have internal audio amp in my e3io...just using optical my power requirement will be lower.
4 years ago
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I purchased the following power supply from Amazon:

Is it as simple as connecting the two red wires (i.e. battery and ignition) to the positive terminal and the black wire (ground) to the negative terminal?

I've done this and for some reason, my unit doesn't completely power on.  I hear a 'click' sound and see the buttons light up briefly and then the unit immediately turns off and repeats this cycle prior to booting up.

Any help would be appreciated.
4 years ago
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I keep the power supply switch to off, then I plug in the ground (black) to the negative terminal. Then both red wires to the positive (red) terminal. Then flip the switch on the power supply. This turns the CarPC on and takes roughly 10 seconds to boot into the desktop.

I fished the wires through the tiny holes on the supply, if that makes any difference. Just ensure good contact (not that it needs to be said). I do notice when the power supply gets too hot it gets a little flaky, but that's after an hour or two.