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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 4:13:34 PM

BMW E34 1991 Mount

5 years ago
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Can the Car Pc be mounted in BMW E34 car from 1991?

5 years ago
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Hi mlfather,

The only thing you should know is the dimensions of your dashboard, make sure that your car has the right space for a 2DIN unit, and check if you have a deep space for a Car PC. Then please check the dimension of our Car PCs and select the best that suit your needs:

Car PC GEN4= 4” Height 7” Width 8 1/4" Depth
Car PC V2 SE = 4” Height 7” Width 6 3/4" Depth

Remember to consider space for cables, but if your car has available 9 1/2"deep to install a 2DIN Radio then you can go with GEN4, if not you should go with Small Edition, but before buy, please check if you have the right deep space in your dashboard.