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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 4:30:53 PM

2DIN Car PC Questions

5 years ago
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I was searching for a 2-Din unit to replace the factory one I have in my car, and this one peaked my interest.

However, I do have a few questions, and it would be great if you can answer them:

1. My car already has a GPS antenna, and it is mounted at a very nice location. Can I re-use this antenna, or must I purchase another one?

2. The car gets really hot during the summer. Has this been tested under high heat (100 degrees Fahrenheit outside would lead to ~125 degrees Fahrenheit inside a car)? Would there be any issues?

3. The button schemes on the front looks confusing. Instead of those triangles, squares, etc., can they be replaced with something more meaningful?

4. I have Sirius Radio integrated in my car. Any way I can use that along with this unit? If not, is there a sirius satellite unit that works with this, besides using the internet?

5. Does this have hd radio out of the box, or do I need another unit?
5 years ago
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anyone out there?
5 years ago
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It will not be possible to use those devices that you currently have by default from factory as Sirius Radio, GPS, etc, with our Car PCs, (we provide an external GPS antenna). You can use the steering wheel control and FM antenna and you will be able to configure it with your Car PC.

Shapes of the buttons can not be changed, but you can configure them to perform the functions of your preference as to advance songs, Mute, Stop, play, windows start button, etc...

We don't Provide HD, Sirius or XM Radio, if you get any of this Radio compatible with your os you can use as many you want but you must do it by yourself, you can use Also any internet radio around the world using a hotspot.

If you have any future questions please write to