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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 4:40:59 PM

Car integration

5 years ago
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These units are extremely interesting, especially considering they are not much more money than factory installed upgraded headunits or brand name "car computers" (which are actually far from being actual computers), AND they are capable of doing much more.

I have a few questions concerning upgradability, since these are computers, one would expect down the line you can change out each piece individually as they either wear out or become outdated:

Do you supply the operating system information, or disc, so that if a part is changed out and the OS needs to be reinstalled it may be done by the purchaser, say a few years down the line?

How long does the warranty cover operation of the unit if they unit is never tampered with? And, if in a few years, the customer wants to have something upgraded by E3iO, may they send it it to have it upgraded by E3iO?

Which processor should be used to have the screen show 1080p resolution?

How many SSD's is the motherboard capable of attaching?

Does the navigation system come with free lifetime maps, or must it be periodically updated?

Is it possible to get 4 sets of pre-amp outputs instead of the 50Wx4 amplifier?



5 years ago
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All very good questions, did you ever get a response or figure out whats what?
5 years ago
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Haven't heard anything yet.

Did some more research and it may be possible to use a program to tap into the CAN bus in the car to control those things with the add on OBDII port.
5 years ago
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Hi AtlasMick,

First I want to thank you for your interest in our products, also want to offer our sincere apologies for the delay in response to your concerns, this is not usual in Us.

1.- Our Car PCs are fully upgradeable systems, if you want to upgrade an outdated component we can do that for you without any problem.

2.- Our Car PCs comes by default without OS, but also has the option to add it in your customization, in  that case we'll install it for you, also we'll send to you the original OS Disc with your Key.

3.- The warranty period for our Car PCs is 1 year parts and labor plus Life-Time  customer support. If you want to upgrade your product you can do it by your own without any problem, or send the Car PC to our warehouse if you want to do it with us.

4.- All our processors offered for our Car PCs can support 1080p, even if you select a Pentium CPU you'll get that resolution.

5.- The motherboard of our Car PCs support up to 2 SSD connected internally by SATA3, but you can connect more HDD externally through USB

6.- This depends on the navigation system you choose, remember that it is a computer and you can install any navigation system compatible with your OS. We offer CopilotLive Navigation and you'll get an original license of this navigation system if you select this option, which allows you to use the maps of the region chosen without any problem.

7.- Yes.

Also you can check our Car PCs FAQ in case you want to check any other concerns of our customers.

Thanks again and Best Regards.