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Welcome to E3iO Forum, please read this simple and easy rules of use, to enjoy healthy and be part of the Elite E3iO

1.- Our forum is a private site, all our users are invited to participate, write and share information related with E3iO, PC Gaming and Technology

2.- When writing a message you must use appropriate language, go to other users with respect, if you have any claim to any user who made an improper comment or an issue that upsets you think is inappropriate, you should contact the moderators or administrators, they are on the right to modify, edit, delete comments and warn users who infringe the rules of this forum

3.- Only the moderators and site administrators are authorized to write new topics on our forum, if you have any suggestions to create a new topic, first, you must contact the moderators or site administrators and they will assess whether to or not

4.- Warnings of users will be made as follows: If you are warned by a moderator or site administrator using bad language, comment or share information deemed inappropriate, offensive to other users or any reason that our moderators or administrators believe that are hurting the community, We are obliged to modify, edit or delete your comment and will be warned leaving only an opportunity to correct their behavior, if you go back to be linked to another incident relating to disturb peace of our community, will automatically be expelled without the opportunity reply, will not be accepted back into our community.

5.- It is important to read the topics of each forum, write comments related to topic, and so prevent your comments will be edited or deleted, and even users could be warned.

6.- It is totally forbidden to publish all kinds of links and pictures with adult content, this will automatically result in the user expulsion.

7.- Is allowed the use of links if you are related to a help for the topic, this is for the benefit of users, if the link leads to a site different from the issue to a website with inappropriate content will automatically be shown the user and will be removing the link with the comment, and may even be expelled from the user community.

8.-  Our site is available to all users who want to enjoy healthy and extreme entertainment, if you're a Gamer, You must treat others with respect to receive respect, that's our motto.

9.- Join our forum, follow these simple rules, Respect, comments, share, enjoy and have fun with the E3iO Elite.