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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 4:08:55 PM

Rear view camera

6 years ago
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How do you install a rear view camera which comes up automatically when you put your car in reverse? Should I connect it to the rear-drive lights? How will the system detect that the the car is in reverse?
6 years ago
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I'm interested too. And what type of signal should camera transmit? What's the FPS rate?
6 years ago
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The CarPC has a 12V input for light reverse when the reverse light turns on, the CarPC screen, automatically goes from VGA to Video-1, the camera must be connected to the RCA-1 connector.

You can connect any reverse camera that supports NTSC standard.

We recommend that the camera is connected to a constant 12V source, while the vehicle or CarPC is on, so that you can change at any moment to Video-1 and able to look back without putting the vehicle in reverse.