5 months ago
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Hey this is an awesome product, but most in the Windows Community don't even know you guys exist. You guys need a stronger presence on the internet. You need to have community forum accounts on multiple websites like:

1)Windows Central
2)Youtube (With Comprehensive demonstration videos and tutorials)
3)Microsoft Community Forums
4)Any other technical forums that deal with full versions of Windows.

If you guys can establish a presence in the Windows Community this will quickly become very popular, and if Windows Central does a product review you will be seen by millions of users.

It would probably be worth your effort to assign someone who is good with technical knowledge to daily cruise these forums and answer questions. I like the idea of having your own forums, but that only works if people know you are here.

The reason I say this is with the vacuum left by the idea that Microsoft is abandoning the mobile community there is an opportunity. Microsoft Users are feeling abandoned and need something to fill the void. This could really turn things around in many people's minds.

Personally I Would love to have Windows or Linux running my Mobile Communication/Entertainment/Navigation system. I am literally pissed off at the idea that I may be forced to use a product that I don't want like "Google-Android" or "Apple-ios" and so are a lot of other people. You need to let them know you exist. :)