Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder
Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder

The Power of a Full Tower SNACK Size

Most of the times when someone thinks about a powerful computer, we imagine a relatively large computer with multiple graphics settings, extreme cooling systems, and a power source that overcomes a Kilowatt. That is not true in all cases, the E3iO SNACK series is proof of that.

The main feature of this series is the size. Size which can make a difference for people who don't like having a giant computer on desk, or seek to transport their systems from one place to another with ease. SNACK Series features a SFF chassis and high performance components, designed for the office, home, or gaming. The latest addition in the SNACK series is the SK03 system. This system is designed for gaming with multiple aesthetic customization options, designs, and hardware. SK03 system can be customized with liquid cooling systems, and the world's fastest GPU up to date, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN, if you are a gaming enthusiast and like to enjoy Ultra graphics, then the system SK03 is a perfect choice.

The SK03 system has a Mini-ITX motherboard that supports overclocking, giving users a new level of performance in their systems, it also supports PCI Express 3.0 and the latest generation of Intel Core processors with unlocked multipliers to overcome the limits of overclocking. In order to keep this brute force calm, E3iO has high-performance liquid cooling to keep the little beast stable when the load is at 100%.

We offer a quality service for the construction of each system, especially for the SNACK Series. The front covers are made with precision and cut with CNC machines, our technicians have skills and high quality tools for the assembly of the system, the chassis are customizable with unique colors on the front and more. To give even more elegance to your system you can add a window side panel to appreciate the inner beauty of individually sleeved cables and the cooling system.

The most important thing to us is you, that is why our technicians are specialized in building custom systems above human understanding. It is our duty to inform our clients the updates in real-time from the purchase, to the delivery of the system. When you place an order in our site, you can check the construction process step by step, we will keep you informed of each step completed within the production line and testing. Our computers are assembled by experts and feel free to contact them directly through the internal messaging system. It’s a new world, where we make art with our systems and offer you the perfect balance between design, elegance and performance.

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