Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder
Cutting-edge Custom PC Builder

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Why our Custom Gaming Computers?

We go far beyond a good Gaming PC

The best Custom Gaming Computer
E3iO wants to build a Custom Computer for optimal Gaming Performance, which allows users to run their favorite PC Games titles at Maximum settings. Many users wants to get High-End Gaming Computers with customizable settings and upgrades. Most custom computer shops on the internet offer users good Gaming PCs that will meet their gaming needs, but we go far beyond then that. E3iO always dedicates all their time and effort into the analysis of each customizable option for every Gaming PC System.

Our goal is that our users enjoy a unique experience from the moment they purchase a Custom E3iO Computer. Our first thought is to define the type of Case according to the requirements of each client. The cases are usually one of the most important components when building a good Gaming PC.The priority for E3iO is to select a High Quality Case, E3iO selects the best of the best brands in the market, based on the material, form, their High-End PC Water-cooling capabilities, Upgradability, and space for cable management. Cable management may prove insignificant to some users, but it is actually very important because when you have all your cables in a tangle and you’re going to upgrade a component, maybe you may suffer more than usual, or have a hard time when you install or remove any component. The cases of E3iO always has details that make a difference compared to the competition, E3iO makes Gaming Computers more attractive and elegant. Many of the modifications are made with CNC machines, usually when installing a Liquid Cooling System, E3iO usually make a modification on the case, like our MAX 230 V2 Case, it’s a Silverstone TJ11 chassis modified by E3iO to install an exotic dual loop liquid cooling system.

We select the best CPU for your Gaming Computer

The next step is to select the proper Central Processing Unit (CPU), E3iO uses the latest generations of Intel processors to ensure the best performance for basic and heavy duty multitasks like photo editing, video editing and of course running your favorite PC game titles. E3iO classifies their gaming systems according to processor performance. The Advanced models use the 3rd generation Intel Core Processors based on Ivy Bridge microarchitecture. The Extreme models use 4th Generation Intel Core processors getting up to 15% better performance and less power consumption than the previous generation, the perfect choice for users who want to take their Gaming Pcs to their maximum capabilities. The Ultimate models use Sandy Bridge-E processors designed for Ultimate performance in extreme multitasking, and quick response on heavy work. All processors used by E3iO in their Gaming PCs allow you to play your favorite PC Games smoothly. Its just of matter of choosing the right proccessor based on what you are searching for? For what purpose do you want to your CPU?, and, How much are you willing to spend?

High-End Motherboard for the best Gaming Performance

The best Custom Gaming Computer motherboard
E3iO offers the best motherboards compatible with your processors, based on the processor you choose in order to avoid the most common bottlenecks, so you don't need to worry about finding the best option of motherboards yourself. The Motherboard is one of the most complicated components, because it is the central nervous system of your Gaming Computer, and is responsible for communicating with all components and integrate the whole hardware. There are different form factors and designs for motherboards, as well as many manufacturers, but E3iO uses brands such as ASUS, EVGA, MSI and major brands, and organize their Gaming Computer models according to the type of socket and chipset. For different levels of performance in Gaming PCs, the Advanced models used motherboards with Intel® Z77 Express Chipset and support the 3rd Generation of Intel processors Socket 1155. The Extreme models use motherboards with upgrade capabilities, more expansion slots, Intel® Z87 Express Chipset, and support the 4th generation Intel Core processors. Ultimate models are characterized by the best motherboards with expansion and upgrade capabilities allowing users to get the best computer for gaming, overclocking options, Intel® X79 Express Chipset, and support Sandy Bridge-E processors, with up to 8 slots to install 64GB of RAM and supports up to 4-Way SLI, Every motherboard used by E3iO has Top quality components and are extremely well built.

Play like a Pro with a basic E3iO Gaming Desktop

The best Custom Gaming Computer cable management
E3iO builds the best Gaming Computers even from the most basic configuration, our experts select the best memories with the best capabilities compatible with your motherboard, to give a better stability and reduce the bottleneck caused by Hard Disk access speed. Our basic Gaming Computer systems have 8GB 1600MHz RAM which is pretty good for a Gaming PC, but we also provide configurations for the most enthusiastic users up to 64GB 2133MHz RAM. For E3iO its also very important to select the proper device of your operating system and data storage. E3iO recommended SSD as the first boot option, this ensures a faster operating system boot speed and faster access to your favorite programs. To improve preformance even more, E3iO recommends two identical disks in RAID 0, with this you will have a double capacity, higher boot speed, and the Ultimate Performance of your system. E3iO only uses SSD and HDD with SATAIII Storage Devices Interface, enabling faster data transfer speeds at 6 Gb/s.

High-End GPUs for your Custom Gaming Computer

The best Custom Gaming Computer graphics card
Logically for a good Gaming Computer you must have a great weapon that can combat the most demanding graphics of PC Games, and this weapon is a great Graphics Card. You need a video card that has a good amount of memory to play games in high resolution and high-quality graphics, but the real heart of the video card is the graphics processing unit (GPU). Expensive graphics card aren't always better than the cheaper ones. Everything will depend on what you are looking for and what you want to do with it. If you want to play on a 23" monitor in high resolution at high quality graphics, a GeForce GTX 660Ti Graphics Card would be fine, but if you want to play on 3 monitors 27" at maximum graphics resolution, you must use more than one GeForce GTX 690 graphics card in Quad-SLI configuration to provide the optimal Performance, it all depends on your tastes, your needs, and the amount that you want to spend. For your peace of mind, E3iO used NVIDIA GeForce GTX Graphics Processors in their Custom Gaming Computers, the ultimate GPU for gamers, with fastest Delivering performance, and all the latest gaming technologies. You'll be playing like a Pro with a basic E3iO Gaming Desktop System.

We build The Gamer PC of your dreams

The best Custom Gaming Computer build
Our special touch are the clean details, and the most important to us are the final details. E3iO has a team of experts obsessed with perfection, if one cable is in a mishapened way, or a sleeve is out of place not giving it a good look in the internal view of your Gaming Computer, the technician has to remove it and they have to do it again in perfectly. Engravings, cuts, and inserts in the chassis details are made with perfectly calibrated CNC machines, the liquid cooling systems customized by E3iO are powered by EK products and are heavily tested to prevent drips and spills on shipping, and many details that make the E3iO customizations into a unique Gaming Computer, and worthy of a high quality Gaming System Builder.

This is our Duty, this is what we do best, we will build the computer of your dreams, and give to you peace of mind when selecting the best components according to your needs. We will create what you dream, we will build a piece of art, we will give you a computer worth of a display. While some users build their systems themselves to save money, and others do it because it's their job, we do this because it's our passion. This is what we were born for, we know how to transform the Gamer PC of your dreams into reality.