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E3iO Car PC GEN4
E3iO Car PC GEN4

Our Friends of CPU (Computer Power User) published in their prestigious magazine an article about our CarPC, please take a look of what they think about it:

"E3iO is a boutique PC builder that specializes in cutting-edge gaming rigs and benchmark busters. One of the E3iO’s newest, most intriguing options is a car PC. “What we did is combine our experience from creating personalized PCs to designing car PCs,” says E3iO President Firmo Lopez. The Car PC GEN4 has been optimized for use in vehicles and combines traditional in-dash amenities, such as sound amplification, FM radio, and GPS navigation, with the power of a desktop computer.

How does E3iO put PC power in your dashboard, you ask? We had the same question, so we decided to break down the Car PC GEN4’s component list part by part and find out.

The Car PC GEN4 fits into a standard double DIN (standard for car audio heads conform to either the single or double DIN form factors) case, and E3iO opts for a motherboard that can maximize connectivity and minimize power usage. “The ASRock H81M-ITX is a simple, versatile motherboard that possesses the basic needs for the Car PC GEN4,” says E3iO CEO Pedro Figueroa. The board offers a low power consumption of 95 watts and supports 4th Generation Intel processors. E3iO also chose the motherboard for its audio capabilities, as it supports 7.1-channel surround sound and offers a digital optical audio output to work with recent external amplifiers. E3iO also offers Z97-based motherboard options.

“The 22nm Haswell processor consumes less power than its predecessors and is exactly what we wanted in order to adapt it to our Car PCs,” says Lopez. “We offer processors ranging from 53W up to 65W for the i7-4790S Haswell 3.2GHz.” E3iO also takes advantage of the Intel HD Graphics on the Haswell lineup to power the visuals of the Car PC GEN4 while keeping heat and power low.

E3iO lets you select from 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB configurations when configuring the Car PC GEN4. Which capacity is best? “8GB is recommended for regular use, but if you want to watch movies, monitor the OBD-II codes from your car, and simultaneously run navigation, then you might need a little more memory,” Lopez says.

We all know that SSDs are great for speeding up load times, but there’s another big advantage to SSDs for a car PC. “SSDs don’t possess moving parts, making them ideal for withstanding vibrations and bumps. If you’re driving a 4X4 on adverse conditions, an SSD would be appropriate since a regular disk would fail during bumpy moments,” says Figueroa. E3iO even lets you select the brand and capacity you prefer from a selection of drives including Samsung, OCZ, Crucial, Corsair, and SanDisk SSDs ranging in size from 64GB to 1TB.

Screen & Controls
Thanks to the 7-inch touchscreen, it’s easy to control the Car PC GEN4. By default, E3iO installs a tactile, resistive touchscreen, but you can upgrade to a capacitive touchscreen if you want to use finger gestures, such as swipe or pinch. E3iO knows that you’ll also need to focus on driving, so you have the option to add a steering wheel control interface. “This interface basically converts resistance signals from the car’s steering wheel control into signals, and the Car PC can interpret these signals as if it were from a USB HID keyboard,” says Lopez. “It allows actions like volume manipulation, song skipping or reversing, and more.” The steering wheel interface can work with up to 28 physical buttons, including up to five simultaneous commands. The Car PC GEN4’s case also features physical buttons on the front panel to bring up the Windows 8 home screen, close a window, and raise or lower the volume..."

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