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What is a Car PC?

What is a pc for car? Well we can say that PCs are practically car computers designed to be installed in cars like a stereo, there are many models of Car PC, with different technologies, also with Operating Systems like Android or Windows.

The difference between a Car PC and a stereo for cars, basically the stereo for cars is a system designed to meet limited functions in your vehicle, usually it can’t be improved or updated, may have GPS navigation, Radio, Bluetooth phone synchronization, among other things, while the Car PC is a customizable system with upgradeable hardware (in most cases) based on Android or Windows, If it's based on Android has the ability to install any applications available on Android Marketplace, or from Windows, now with the store of Windows 8 it’s capable to download any Metro App.

The Car PCs designed by E3iO, have a 50W audio amplifier for 4CH, allowing you to enjoy high-quality stereo sound in your vehicle, the system has an integrated Bluetooth to connect your smartphone and listen to music or make and receive hands-free calls, also includes a microphone so you can listen through your car's speakers and talk normally, includes Wi-Fi and GPS, are specially designed to turn on and off when your car does it, it's ready to connect a rear camera and optimized to switch the screen automatically when you put reverse, you may install any type of navigation compatible with the OS. These systems are powered by Intel Core i3, i5, i7, solid state drives to save your music, pictures, videos and movies, also feature a Mini-ITX motherboard with the power of a desktop motherboard, support USB 3.0, SATA III, eSATA and HDMI.

It is good to mention that you can connect any USB-powered device as a dongle to SIM Card to have internet on the road, or control your vehicle with a steering wheel control (PC Interface), the E3iO Car Systems are fully customizable and designed to perform functions of a stereo, with the power and functionality of a desktop computer, you can listen to music while using navigation, synchronize contacts, email accounts, Outlook accounts, download applications that will be according to your personality, listen to FM radio, connect to a Wi-Fi, Install front end Software like Centrafuse Auto, remote access from your car if you leave pending task in your office, but the most important is that you don't have to worried about to turn it on or shut it down, because it does it automatically when your car does it.

The E3iO Car PC Systems are designed and optimized to perform the features of a stereo for your car, but remember it's still a PC, so it should be treated as such, the CAR PC are very well built, and it has quite and friendly design, If you are lover of Car Pc and custom computers you must have one in your car.

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