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Custom Computer for Your Car E3iO 2DIN Car PC

Custom Computer for Your Car
E3iO 2DIN Car PC

  • Standard Double DIN 4"x7"x8 ¼"
  • Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7
  • 7" Touch Panel HDMI 1920x1080
  • Amplifier 50w x channel & 7.1 Audio
  • Navigation System
  • Centrafuse Auto 4.00
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7

Intel processors provide stability and speed, combined with the best compatibility with other components. You can choose from a variety of available processors, Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 sandy bridge quad core processor. Other manufacturers only offer underpreforming mobile processors, as always, E3iO offers the best processors normally find in desktops.

7" Touch Panel

The size of this Custom Computer meets the standard double DIN 4"x 7" with a depth of 8 ¼" harboring a 7" Touch Screen TFT LCD monitor that supports resolutions from 800x480 to 1920x1080 with a viewing angle of 120°/140° (H / V) HDMI. It also supports two auxiliary RCA video inputs and a remote control to change certain settings.


Connect your system to multiple devices using USB 2.0 or the newest higher-speed USB 3.0, with this Car PC you can also connect to external hard drives via eSATA. It has Ethernet connection 1 Gb / s RJ45, wireless connection Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Plus it support USB Webcams, rear cameras, iPod, keyboards, mouse, even your OBD II Interface and more.

Solid State Hard Drive SATA III

E3iO integrates the latest technology in data storage, a solid state drive with 6Gb/s of data transfer (SATA III) so you can store all your music, videos, movies, photos and take them with you anywhere, you can also install literally any application available for Microsoft Windows®, business applications and games.

Navigation System

You can choose between two navigation systems, the standard Centrafuse Navigation system with map NAVTEQ ™ maps - Q2 2010, or Sygic® system that comes with many features designed to Smartphones, Real-Time Traffic, Speed Camera Warnings, Multi -Stop Route Planning, Navigate to GPS Coordinates, etc.