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E3iO Unveils the 2DIN Custom Car PC
E3iO 2DIN Car PC

Custom Computers for gamers has always been a mainstay for E3iO since its inception, but now has develop a Custom PC for cars: the 2DIN Car PC V2 and its fellow the 2DIN Car PC V2 small edition. These two systems offer a new level of digital integration. V2 Series Double Din standard size with a depth of 8 1/4 "and its fellow-SE V2 with Double Din standard case with a depth of 7 1/4" allows users to take their work, entertainment and social life with them on the road.

E3iO Custom Computers has created a cutting-edge PC with the versatility of a tablet, and with the speed, power, and connectivity of a desktop computer, optimized for users to use directly in their vehicles as a stereo, this creates the need of users to use through personalized 2DIN Car PC a single interface to be able to use your smartphone, GPS Navigation, a Computer and a stereo for cars in a single device.

Those interested in taking large files with them on their Cars, knowing that the discharge from a smartphone or hotspot would take a long time, E3iO has a solution for that point, since the Car PC has Solid disk storage with plenty of storage capacity, in addition to support any data USB storage device, an USB flash drive or SD Card, and the Car PC V2 Version has an eSATA connector on the back panel drive transfer your files and data directly with greater speed. The series E3iO Car PC also supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet to 1 GB / s RJ45, and more.

E3iO really has become a stylish boutique of custom computers. With its rapid growth, E3iO team had to be at the forefront of building custom systems in the gaming industry and the Car PC industry. The 2DIN Custom Car PCs are designed and optimized with the best technology on the market for Car PC, in order for users who wants to enjoy a real entertainment with a High quality device. For more information on this versions please visit

Check this Awesome Demostration Video of E3iO 2Din Car PC.