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The evolution in Custom Computers
Gaming PC
E3iO is not any company that assembles computers for games, with many colors and in strange ways, with amazing lights or aspects as if we are going to war, E3iO has evolved and it goes beyond the single assembly of a Gaming Computer where only parts come together and voila, these Gaming PCs are works of art, all chassis that are used are changed regardless of the model you choose, they all have some kind of adaptation, engraving, cutting, transparent acrylic elegantly inserted in the chassis, also made of anodized aluminum inserts with the letters of the logo or some other stylish design.

E3iO strives to establish a noticeable difference in the aesthetics of their Custom Computers, selecting the best chassis on the market with the highest quality and stylish designs. Then modify them to customize and make them even more spectacular, they work hard in the internal aesthetics of each Gaming Computer, placing each wire in an orderly manner, reducing the length of the wires that need it, leaving no loose connectors to give you unsightly inside the system. They are convinced that the internal aspect is important, spending time and effort to make it a kind of showcase where we can be delighted of a professional's aesthetic work, offering the option of hand sleeved cabling, where you can choose the color of your taste. The work of sleeving is carefully performed by the experts of E3iO and then is perfectly arranged within the Gaming PC.

They take seriously the elegance of the Custom Computer, both internally and externally, providing internal lighting according to the level of their Gaming PC, without grating on the bizarre or exaggerated, the liquid cooling systems are also customized by E3iO and specially designed, using components of the highest market quality, fluid reservoirs, fittings, radiators, pumps, tubing, water blocks, all are selected by paying attention to the aesthetics of the Gaming PC without sparing on the amount of connectors or the quality of the components. They carefully select the fans taking into account the strength of the airflow and the emission of noise, also very cautiously they select the pumps that deliver better performance of flow and pressure, in addition, are also modified to be integrated aesthetically to their works of art.
Gaming PC

Finally, using components such as motherboards, processors, video cards, memory, disks etc. all the latest technology and best brands available, E3iO assemblies and rigorously reviews each Gaming Computer, not only by testing the stability, but also improving the performance of each Gaming PC, they have experts in overclocking as requested by the client can bring these fantastic Custom Computers to the limits of their capabilities, by testing temperatures and performance to ensure that these Custom Computers can meet all the expectations of the most demanding users.

It is an evolution, a new order of Custom Computer market; offering design, elegance and performance in total harmony at the same price than the competition.

E3iO is The Evolution in Custom Computers.